GIS map depicting specimen collection locations.

Currently, Tebiwa's Herbarium houses 454 specimens representing 394 vascular plants, 24 lichens, 24 bryophytes, 11 fungi and 1 liverwort. Although most of the specimens are from the state of Idaho, the herbarium also includes collections from Washington, Wyoming, Montana, Oregon, Arizona, Utah, Texas, and Loreto, Peru.

Access and use of the Tebiwa Herbarium is pending due to COVID-19.

At some point, we do plan to accept volunteers to work in the herbarium and other activities of the organization

A majority of Tebiwa's data is protected from public access. To gain access to Tebiwa you must request permission by emailing Dr. Davis . As part of the application you will have to register here. After reviewing the information provided, Dr. Davis will notify you if access is approved. At that point, your email and password will work. Please only register once. Thank you.

Example specimen (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi) of the Tebiwa Herbarium

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