About Tebiwa


Dr. Cleve Davis founded the Tebiwa Herbarium and uses the collection to teach about the importance of native plants. For example, if known Dr. Davis has included the Panakwate and Sosoni (Shoshone) names and uses on specimen labels. Currently, the herbarium houses 454 specimens representing 394 vascular plants, 24 lichens, 24 bryophytes, 11 fungi and 1 liverwort. Although a majority of the collections are from the state of Idaho, it also includes collections from Washington, Wyoming, Montana, Oregon, Arizona, Texas, and Loreto (Peru). The Tebiwa Herbarium also houses collections of vascular plant that are associates with the peyote cactus (Lophophora williamsii). Access and use of the Tebiwa Herbarium is by appointment only. Dr. Davis also have an extensive photo collection of plants.


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